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Is Orbis right for you?

Choosing an investment manager is no easy task. Orbis is not the best fit for everyone, but we can help you decide if we are the right partner for you.


Since the firm’s inception in 1989, our purpose has been straightforward: to empower our clients by enhancing their savings and wealth.

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We adhere to a set of Core Values that guide our decisions as a firm and the way we conduct ourselves as individuals.

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We are long-term, fundamental and contrarian investors. Put simply, we seek to buy shares for much less than the intrinsic value of the business.

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We hire talented individuals with extraordinary potential and give them the resources they need to succeed. The rest is up to them.

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Our disciplined, time-tested investment process helps us to implement our investment philosophy consistently across global markets and over multiple generations of decision-makers.

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Our structure is more akin to a partnership than a corporation. As a firm with no outside owners, we have the freedom to take a long-term perspective.

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We take great care to ensure close alignment of interests with our clients. All of our fee structures are performance related and each person is rewarded for the value they create for clients.

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Investment performance doesn’t come in a straight line. We view periods of short-term underperformance, some of which can be painfully long, as the inevitable price one must pay for seeking pleasing long-term returns.

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Your job is tougher than ours. As hard as it may be to pick stocks, it’s even tougher to find good stockpickers.

At Orbis, we seek to generate superior returns by buying shares that are out of favour, overlooked or misunderstood. As such, it can be easy for us to look foolish in the short term and for our clients to feel uncomfortable. But our experience has shown that the rewards that come with contrarian thinking, discipline and patience can be substantial over the long term.

As important as performance may be, it never tells the whole story. To really understand a manager, you need to dig deeper. How do they make decisions? What are their incentives? What are their values? How have they structured their firm?

We recognise that our approach isn’t for everyone. Only you can decide if Orbis is the right fit for your needs, but hopefully we can make that decision a little easier.

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