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Our Ownership

A controlling interest in Orbis is held by Allan & Gill Gray Foundation, which has no owners in the traditional sense and is instead designed to exist in perpetuity and to serve two equally important purposes: (1) to promote the commercial success, continuity and independence of the Orbis and Allan Gray groups, and (2) to ensure that the distributable profits the Foundation receives from these firms are ultimately devoted exclusively to philanthropy.

Importantly, the Foundation does not directly manage Orbis or the Allan Gray groups, but rather vests control of the firms in Orbis Allan Gray Limited, a holding company whose board consists of a majority of present executives and includes non-executive directors. With perpetual ownership in strong hands, the management of Orbis can focus entirely on adding value for clients for generations to come.

Our founder, Allan Gray, outlined the reasoning for transferring the Gray family's controlling interest in Orbis to the newly created Allan & Gill Gray Foundation in his 31 December 2015 Chairman’s Letter.

Download the Chairman’s Letter

Download the Foundation’s charter

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