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We believe in hiring exceptionally talented individuals and giving them the freedom necessary to succeed. Our flat management structure allows us to create the right roles for the right people and focus on our employees' contributions rather than their seniority.

Our culture is strongly meritocratic, with an emphasis on individual accountability. Orbis is not for everyone. Individuals who seize the opportunities provided to them are rewarded, but those who are not independently driven typically find our culture challenging.

Successful Orbis professionals have come from backgrounds as diverse as engineering, law, journalism, and the sciences, as well as financial services. They are united by their records of success in all their pursuits and their deep commitment to excel for our clients. Prior financial experience is often a plus, but is not required.

Applicants must hold a Bachelor's degree or the equivalent from a top-tier college or university. Graduate degrees and professional designations (i.e. CPA, CFA) are helpful, but are not required.

Opportunities are available across our firm. If you believe you have the skills and independent drive to succeed at Orbis, we encourage you to explore our careers site and submit your resume.

From time to time we also post specific internship and full-time positions at universities and colleges around the world. If you are a current student, check with your school's career office for more information.