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Investment Capabilities

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Currency Analysts

What do they do?

We take an active approach to managing currency risk. Our currency analysts conduct in-depth research on foreign exchange markets in order to identify currencies that are at least 20% over or undervalued relative to their judgment of fair value. They make recommendations on the currency exposure in the Orbis Funds, for which they are held accountable. Currency analysts typically have a background in economics or an appropriate analytical discipline.

Currency Analysts

What new joiners can expect

New currency analysts quickly become responsible for their own investment recommendations. We believe the thinking behind fundamental equity analysis can be applied to currencies, and just as we look for undervalued stocks, we aim to hold undervalued currencies. Currency analysts work directly with our equity analysts to position our Funds’ currency exposures. In this role, currency analysts gain exposure to some of our most successful investment professionals.

Currency Analysts

Where are they located?

Our currency analysts are based in Central London.