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Investment Capabilities

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Investment Counsellors

What do they do?

As contrarian investors, we often take positions that are at odds with conventional wisdom. This requires a deep level of understanding and commitment on the part of our clients as well as the firm. Therefore, it is critical that we maintain superior dialogue with our clients, and continually strive to understand their needs and how best to service them.

Our team of investment counsellors is uniquely qualified to serve as the primary point of contact for our clients. They are evaluated primarily on their ability to deliver a superior level of client service rather than asset gathering or new product development. The group includes CFA Charterholders and those with experience as equity analysts, traders and quantitative analysts. Investment counsellors maintain full knowledge of the holdings in our portfolios, developing a detailed understanding of positions and strategies, and are fully equipped to respond to client queries, both in depth and with a sense of breadth and perspective.

Investment Counsellors

What new joiners can expect

Investment counsellors learn about our philosophy, process, and portfolios, then use this knowledge to help clients make better decisions. Successful members add value through larger projects and more direct contact with clients. Investment counsellors are not salesmen or relationship managers—they are expected to maintain an analyst-level understanding of our process and portfolios. The result is a growing group of professionals who are eager to help colleagues learn about Orbis and our industry.

Investment Counsellors

Where are they located?

Investment counsellors are located in Bermuda, London, San Francisco, Sydney, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Tokyo.