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Investment Capabilities

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Performance Analysts

What do they do?

A culture centred on individual accountability relies on a dedicated and robust performance evaluation capability, and our team of performance analysts aims to serve the needs of both internal and external users of performance information. Its goal is to transform data into information that helps us to thoroughly assess past decisions and improve future ones. Detailed performance analysis helps us evaluate the decisions made at every stage of our investment process. Based on this information, we are able to continually refine and improve our investment process, as well as to identify, reward and retain talented decision-makers, and to hold the firm accountable to its clients.

All performance attribution systems have been developed in-house, rather than purchased off the shelf, and are optimised to provide a great degree of flexibility. We also maintain our own in-house fund accounting systems even though we have an external administrator who is the official accountant and valuation agent. We therefore have all of the data necessary to carry out highly precise transaction-based analysis.

Performance Analysts

What new joiners can expect

New performance analysts are expected to add value quickly by analyzing the performance of our people and portfolios. Our performance team draws on a large number of our proprietary systems, so new joiners first learn our systems and our approach to performance attribution. After gaining mastery in these, performance analysts add value by analyzing performance directly and by improving our performance measurement tools. Performance analysts work with nearly every Orbis team to improve individual accountability and efficiency across the firm.

Performance Analysts

Where are they located?

The majority of our performance analysis team is located in Bermuda but the team also has a small presence in Wimbledon.