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Investment Capabilities

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Portfolio Management

What do they do?

In contrast to the classic portfolio management model of top-down asset allocation decisions, our stock selections are driven by the independent recommendations of our equity analysts. A Bermuda-based portfolio construction team, is responsible for ensuring that the selected analysts’ strongest ideas are combined into portfolios that also reflect broader market, risk, currency and other considerations. Analysts responsible for portfolio management are also held accountable for the performance of their recommendations.

Portfolio Management

What new joiners can expect

Many firms provide a clear path for investment professionals: a new joiner starts as an equity analyst with the hopes of one day being a portfolio manager. We do not work this way. While our most successful stockpickers do gain more influence over client portfolios, we believe that equity research and portfolio construction are separate skills, and that someone with great talent and interest in one may have little talent or interest in the other. Across the firm, we do not hire to fill roles, and our portfolio construction function is no different. New joiners in this role can expect a somewhat longer mentoring period before gaining influence in the actual client portfolios.

Portfolio Management

Where are they located?

The portfolio management and construction for the Orbis Funds is performed in Bermuda.