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Investment Capabilities

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Quantitative Analysts

What do they do?

We use quantitative research and models as a means of identifying dislocations between share prices and the fundamentals, both at the stock level and more broadly within stockmarkets. We view quantitative analysis as an enabling technology that harnesses our investment philosophy in a systematic and scalable way. Our analysts have a variety of tools at their disposal to help eliminate unattractive ideas in the early stages and concentrate their research in the most promising potential opportunities. Such tools include our internally-developed models and flexible screening tools that each analyst can tailor to their specific needs.

Our quantitative analysts maintain databases and tools that are a primary resource for the other members of our investment team, making their qualitative research significantly more efficient. Members of our team of quantitative analysts typically have backgrounds in mathematics, science or engineering. As with our equity analysts, we place more emphasis on intellectual ability and an individual’s previous record of achievement rather than finance or investment experience when recruiting quantitative analysts.

Quantitative Analysts

What new joiners can expect

New quantitative analysts are expected to use their outstanding mathematical skills to improve our investment process and decisions. Quant analysts first master our systems and tools with guidance from a senior member of the team. After this brief initial period, analysts add value in three ways: first, through direct quantitative analysis of market trends, valuations, and sentiment; second, by improving our quantitative tools and developing new ones; and third, by working with other teams on innovations in our systems and processes. Analysts joining our quant team have the opportunity to learn from exceptionally talented people with PhDs in a range of mathematical fields.

Quantitative Analysts

Where are they located?

Our quantitative analysts are based in Central London and Wimbledon, but all of the firm’s equity analysts worldwide have access to their tools, databases and expertise.