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Operational Capabilities

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Business Operations

What do they do?

Members of our Business Operations team provide essential support to the running of a global organisation. Areas of expertise include finance, administration, operational governance, corporate governance, core IT systems and human capital. In common with other operational teams within Orbis, Business Operations serves a vital role in allowing our investment professionals to focus the majority of their time on stockpicking.

Business Operations

What new joiners can expect

New business analysts quickly come to advise senior Orbis people on all manner of decisions. While learning about the firm is important for people in every role, it is especially so for our business analysts, who must develop a deep understanding of our capabilities. After a brief learning period, business analysts examine Orbis to ensure that we’re promoting our clients’ interests and operating the firm in a sustainable way. As such, our business analysts have the opportunity to work with professionals in nearly every Orbis function.

Business Operations

Where are they located?

Similarly to our technology professionals our Business Operations are firmly entrenched within the teams that they work with and are present in various locations.