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Operational Capabilities

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Fund Operations

What do they do?

Fund Operations can be divided into the following four functional teams:

Fund Accounting

Orbis maintains its own in-house Fund Accounting team, which mirrors and double-checks our external custodians’ and administrators’ calculations, from the pricing of securities to the Fund NAVs themselves. They also verify cash balances, portfolio holdings, investment income, and portfolio expenses, and work closely with the other Fund Operations teams, which rely on their providing timely, accurate information.

Client Reporting

The Client Reporting team is ultimately responsible for our client-facing reports, including monthly factsheets, quarterly commentaries, and our proprietary modular reports. They must deliver all of these materials not only to a high standard, but with a very quick turnaround.

Client Services

Our Client Services team is responsible for the oversight of client transactions, and for responding to requests for information on our Funds.

Security Settlement

On a typical day, we trade multiple millions of dollars in securities. When investing client capital on this scale, we rely on our Security Settlement team to ensure that all of our transactions are settled properly and promptly. The team is responsible for processing trading activity, responding to broker queries, and performing cash and custody reconciliations.

Fund Operations

What new joiners can expect

Fund Operations

Our Fund Operations group has four distinct sub groups. Each is discussed in more detail below:

New Fund Operations members quickly gain exposure to the functions within the fast-growing Group, and are soon made individually accountable for their decisions. Successful members gain greater responsibility over specific activities. As the Group’s work is diverse, its members interact with people from every Orbis team and function. Along the way, new joiners learn directly from talented professionals in various fields.

Client Service Administration

New administrators quickly become responsible for ensuring — and improving — the efficiency of our operations. As a global firm, communication between offices is essential, and our administrators facilitate these communications. Like new joiners in other functions, new administrators are encouraged and expected to add value wherever they can, whether this is through the people they support or their own projects. In the course of supporting an office, our administrators gain exposure to every function within their office.

Fund Operations

Where are they located?

The majority of the team is split fairly evenly between London and Vancouver. The time difference works to our advantage as Vancouver starts their day just as London is ending theirs. This allows for easy hand over and seamless around-the-clock service. There is also a small Fund Operations presence in Bermuda and Australia.