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Our People

Across the firm, we hire individuals who take ownership of their careers and demonstrate a drive to excel. We then provide them with an environment that offers challenges and responsibility, but the rest is up to them.

Everything we do at Orbis is driven by our culture, but its stewards are equally important. Our firm is a reflection of our people, and in the videos below, some of them tell the story in their own words.

The professionals here come from a range of backgrounds and countries, and work in a range of roles and locations. Some have been with Orbis for years; others joined only months ago. Each of these profiles should give you a window into our firm, the kind of people we attract, and what drives them to excel for our clients.

Henry Allen - Investment Counsellor

Anne Marwick - Business

Povilas Dapkevicius - Equity Analyst

Nick Purser - Currency

Angela Ordway - Administrator

Michael Luber - Business Analyst

Sam Gardiner - Technology

Oliver Whitehead - Technology

Dan Brocklebank - Equity Analyst

Thomas Szychowski - Fund Operations

Matthew Furr - Risk Management

Brett Moshal - Equity Analyst

Alec Cutler - Director

Simon Skinner - Equity Analyst

Matthew Gaarder - Legal

Ian Noetzel - Legal

Allan Gray - Founder

Graeme Forster - Portfolio Management and Construction

Claire Gallagher - Quantitative

Leighton Harris - Fund Operations

Tsukasa Tokikuni - Investment Counsellor

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