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Operational Capabilities

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IT and Communications

What do they do?

All firms, including investment managers, distinguish themselves by the accuracy and speed with which they process information. With so much information available, technology plays a crucial role in all areas of our business. This is reflected in the composition of our staff—over 30% of our people are technology professionals. These individuals do not simply maintain computers—they build applications, databases, networks, and entire internal sites to make our work better and more efficient. With systems, our preference is always to build something great rather than buy something standard, and our IT capability makes this possible.

Our teams of developers are integrated within business groups so that they understand their needs and innovate continuously. We believe this “embedding” approach maximises accountability and ensures that we obtain the greatest return on our investments in technology. There is also an overall body which works with the business units to ensure that development standards are consistent throughout the firm, quality standards are high across all teams, and technology solutions being developed in each area operate with each other effectively.

The Infrastructure team is responsible for managing and supporting the firm’s data and communications systems. It oversees our global information technology and communications infrastructure, linking the firm’s global locations with a dedicated high-speed data network, which ensures high reliability of communications at all times. Designated business continuity coordinators in key locations drive and coordinate efforts to maintain and improve business continuity plans. Stringent periodic testing is performed in order to simulate the effect of disruptive events. Information gathered from these exercises is fed back into the business continuity programme for continual improvement.

IT and Communications

Where are they located?

Our technology professionals are firmly entrenched within the teams that they work with and as a result have a presence in all of our major locations.

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