Paying Into a Junior ISA

Give a child a financial head start by paying into their Orbis Junior Stocks & Shares ISA.

What you need to know


This form may be used by any person other than the registered contact who wishes to pay into a Junior ISA. If you are the registered contact, please sign in if you’d like to top up the account


Your contribution will be left as cash in the Junior ISA and the registered contact will make all investment decisions


We will email you and the registered contact details of the contribution

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Contribution Form

Please carefully fill in the details below.

Please enter the day of the child’s birth date
Please enter the month of the child’s birth date
Please enter the year in which the child was born
Please enter a valid date
Please enter your first name
Please enter your last name
Please enter an amount
Please enter an amount that’s at least {{ 1 | oaMoney }}

Clicking the ‘Next’ button confirms that the information provided above is true to the best of your knowledge and belief. Remember, the money you contribute is a gift and cannot be repaid to you at any time.

Please check that both the Junior Stocks & Shares ISA account number and child’s date of birth are correct. The amount you entered will go over the remaining Junior ISA allowance for this account in the current tax year. Please enter a lower amount. Sorry, we currently cannot accept contributions into this account. The Junior ISA allowance has been used up in this account. The new tax year begins on 6 April, so please come back then to contribute to the Junior ISA. Please enter a valid amount Please enter a name that does not contain invalid characters Please enter a valid email address

Next we will take you to the payment page. Keep in mind that the debit card used must be in your name. And to make things easy, we accept all major types of debit card.