Learn About Investing

Learn About Investing

How much does it cost?

Fees really matter because they can be a major drag on the performance of your investments.

Unlike savings accounts, which are usually free of charge and where it is simply a matter of comparing interest rates, investing money can come with a range of different fees.

Some investment managers will charge entry and exit fees, Annual Management Charges (AMC), ongoing charges and trading fees to varying degrees – all of which can add up and make a substantial difference to the performance of your investments.

Passive funds (those that aim to track the market in general) will typically charge a lot less than active funds (those that aim to outperform the market), because there is no stock analysis or selection involved.

And if you trade stocks directly, there are also fees for each trade and stamp duty to consider.

The best thing to do is thoroughly explore all the possible fees for the particular investment you are making before you start, so there are no surprises further down the line.