Who We Are

We are Orbis Access, a new type of investment company created to make it simple for everyone to invest over the long term.

About Us

We're part of Orbis Investments, a successful fund manager with over 25 years' experience and an investment approach that has attracted around £25 billion in assets under management.

Orbis who?

Despite our track record, you probably haven't heard of us. There's a good reason for that – until now access to our funds was limited to institutions, like pension funds, with millions to invest.

Our mission

We wanted to make investing in funds simpler and more accessible for everyone. So we created Orbis Access – and now our proven investment expertise is available to all.

Are We Right For You?

We do things a bit differently at Orbis Access. So you should know exactly where we stand. Because only then will you know if we're the right investment company for you and your money.

There should be no barriers to investing

Start an account from just £1.

It's best to do a few things, but do them well

Our focused offer includes just two funds.

Successful investing needn't be complicated

We keep things simple and jargon-free.

You should have complete control of your money

Invest what you want, when you want, with no lock-ins or penalties.

You should only pay for performance

We only charge a fee if we beat the benchmark.

A long-term approach is best

You should be prepared to invest for at least 3-5 years.

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