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Honda: value beneath the hood

8 November 2017

We love individual opportunities, where we uncover a unique idea that may be overlooked by other investors, and we also love clustered opportunities, where many companies with a shared trait all trade at low valuations. But we are especially drawn to investments that offer the best of both worlds—the company itself is attractive and so are its surroundings.

In investing as in football, star power fades

25 October 2017
Champions league

With this year’s Champion’s League well under way, fans have much to debate. Of Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester City or Manchester United which  English team will make it the farthest—and could that mean an appearance at the Finals in Kiev? Is Neymar living up to his £200 million pound price tag?

When defensives aren’t defensive

13 September 2017

Buy low, sell high—a sure way to make money. But today, stockmarket valuations look high in several regions. When we look at the US market’s price-to-earnings ratio, the dominant valuation method, it has been this expensive only 12% of the time over the past 40 years. If we aim to buy low and sell high, what can we do when so much is already expensive?

Keep the tech bubble nightmares at bay

19 July 2017

With certain technology stocks performing robustly, many investors haunted by memories of the dotcom bubble have begun to raise their eyebrows. From the Nasdaq Composite’s peak in March 2000, it took 15 years for its price to exceed that level again. 

Orbis Global Balanced Fund wins 2017 Money Observer Fund Award

28 June 2017
Money Observer Fund Award 2017

We’re excited to announce that the Orbis Global Balanced Fund has been named the best higher-risk mixed asset fund by Money Observer!