Our History

We've seen booms, busts and everything in between on our journey to make investing accessible to everyone.

Since Orbis Investments began back in 1989 our mission has been to empower people by helping their money grow. We always put our clients first and through thick and thin we've stuck to our process and our principles. That approach is still working today. Now we are opening our doors in the UK for the first time to private investors through Orbis Access.

Founded in 1989, Orbis Investments built its reputation working with institutional investors

Today it manages around £25bn for over 200 financial institutions

In 2010 Orbis Access was created to make our expertise available to all investors

With just ten employees, 22 clients and $67m under management, Orbis is founded.

 orbis history

We launch the Orbis Global Equity Fund Ltd. Although we didn't know it at the time, this fund went on to become our flagship, and today it has around £17bn under management. The strategy for picking stocks for this fund has never changed  and it's this same strategy you can invest in with Orbis Access.  

By the middle of the 90s we had grown to manage $500m for 600 clients from all over the world  who all heard about Orbis by word of mouth.

The infamous 'Dotcom Bubble' bursts. Because we’d avoided the overheated tech sector and instead invested in industry and manufacturing our Global Fund actually grew significantly during this time. This is our ‘contrarian’ investment approach in action – we don’t mind buying stocks that are unfashionable with others if we think they have great long-term potential.

Orbis grows to meet post-Tech Bubble demand. We now have 3,500 clients, go from managing $1bn to $10bn and our staff more than doubles.

Orbis creates Orbis Access  with the goal of making it possible for everyone to invest over the long term.

Portland Place

The Orbis Access Team move into our new home – 15 Portland Place, just up the road from Oxford Circus.

We’re officially authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority  which means the FCA has given us the go-ahead to open for business and distribute retail funds in the UK.

We launch the two Orbis Access funds  24 years to the day after the original Orbis Global Fund started.

Our website goes live to our families and friends for the final round of testing before we open our doors to everyone.

Orbis Access goes live. With a minimum transaction of just £1, a pay-for-performance fee model and an intuitive online tool to help manage your investments, why don't you give us a try?

The Orbis Access team move to a new home in Wimbledon – Wimbledon Bridge House. Our old office served us well, and we made great memories there, but we couldn’t be more excited about our new space.

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